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December 03, 2011



Plasma III with Direct Crank Sensor Plasma III with Hall Effect Module
Plasma III CDI with Direct Crank Sensor Plasma III CDI with Hall Effect Module

Light Speed Engineering has introduced a new ignition system to its line of products.  The new Plasma III Capacitor Discharge System is the latest high performance ignition for all 4-cyl and 6-cyl aircraft engines.  Its long duration spark and optimized timing curve makes more horsepower and improves fuel efficiency- at all altitudes. Other benefits include quick starts, reduced maintenance, light weight, lower EGT’s and up to 20% more range.  As with all LSE ignitions, RPM and manifold pressure inputs are used for our proprietary timing curves. The Plasma III is also capable of displaying the current timing advance, manifold pressure and rpm on an optional lightweight LCD display.

The Plasma III can easily replace one or both magnetos, making your engine run better under all conditions. Precise crankshaft position and RPM is provided by the direct crank position sensor or the mini sensor installed near the prop flange (available for 4 and 6-cyl engines) or by the accessory case mounted hall effect sensor module (available for 4-cyl Lycoming type engines only).

For detailed information on the output capabilities available in the Plasma III, please refer to the PLASMA II PLUS page.  More information on the optional pre-wired LCD Display and rotary switch is available at this Display Information link.

Single System Prices (replaces one magneto)
Plasma III 4 cyl- Direct Crank Sensor  $1,395  
Plasma III 4 cyl- Mini Sensor  $1,395  
Plasma III 4 cyl- Hall Effect Module


Plasma III 6 cylinder- Direct Crank Sensor    $1,535  
Plasma III 6 cylinder- Mini Sensor  $1,535  

Spark plugs and bushings included. Prices and

specifications subject to change without notice.

CA residents add 7.25% sales tax. Shipping not

included. Visa & Mastercard accepted.

The accessory case driven Hall Effect Sensor Module can be installed on 4 cylinder engines only.  The Direct Crank Sensor and the Mini Sensor are mounted near the flywheel for crank position information. All 6 cylinder engines use either the Direct Crank Sensor or the Mini Sensor.

On all Turbo and Super-Charged ignition systems, add $125.
On all Franklin and Continental engine ignition systems, add $195.


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